Manners and Me: An Easy Peasy Guide for Kids and the Grown Ups Who Love Them is a fun approach to learning good manners other than "please" and "thank you." Having good manners is not only important for children, but adults as well.  This book is an easy way to talk about the importance of using your manners, and has captivating illustrations that pull you into the situation.

From “Listen” to “Give people compliments,” Manners and Me provides important lessons in manners, expanding on each with specific examples. For “Be patient,” the author gives the example of not grabbing “three of those egg rolls before your brother eats them all” and explains that waiting has its rewards, especially when grown ups notice and appreciate it. From “Be prompt” to “Do helpful things without being asked,” the suggestions here encourage and teach important and polite behavior. 

Manners and Me is filled with fun, cute, and colorful cartoon-like characters that complement the text and entertain in scenes acted out by animals such as pigs, mice, and cats. There are even goofy squirrels who attempt to squeeze too many of themselves into an elevator at once, demonstrating the importance of patience and consideration. 

This sweet and quirky guide will show children just how to make others feel special while being polite, considerate, and socially responsible. Whether in the classroom, bedroom, or day care facility, Manners and Me is a must-have resource to keep on every bookshelf.